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Norsmar Ship Supply Co.

About Us

As a ship supply company, Norsmar offers Provisions, Bonded Store, Technical Supplies, Maintenance, and Maritime services in All Ports, Straits, and Shipyards of Turkey.

We provide professional solutions to meet your requirements, with our fully experienced team and a wide range of product and service options. In that manner we make you feel comfortable at sea, as your home.

Our company policy is focused on ensuring your reliance on us by providing premium items and services, to establish permanent and long-term business relationships with our esteemed customers.

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Our customers who work with us.


Companies working with us.


Norsmar has been moving forward with professional solutions based on technology, trust, and sustainability since the first day.
With our service based on customer satisfaction, Norsmar successfully manages Provision, Bonded Store, Technical Store, Spare Parts, Maintenance, Port Supply, Shipyard Supply, Transit Supply, and any other requirements.


As a brand that follows the developing maritime sector, Norsmar prioritizes professionalism and reliance. In addition, continues to work to become a global and leading brand with solutions that will make a difference.
Norsmar carefully considers feedbacks and offers the best and most sustainable solutions that meet your expectations.

Norsmar is a Ship Supply Company that provides all manner of Supply, Technical, and Maintenance solutions in All Ports, Straits, and Shipyards of Turkey.


Eskibağlar Mahallesi, Akmescit Sokak, No: 7/4, Tepebaşı, Eskişehir, TÜRKİYE


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